About Us

Global Infrastructure Corporation FZE (GIC) is a leading universal Business Solution Provider in the Infrastructure domain. GIC offers a comprehensive and in-depth level of Business Solution which is effective, cost-efficient and with its innovative project delivery. Our services vary from various Procurement Services & Project Acquisitions, through Project Development, Execution & Monitoring to Project Maintenance. With our years of acquired industry expertise you can be assured from conceptualization to complete implementation will be a seamless transition.

We understand you need to provide your customers with the best service hence we are updated with the market trend and deliver our projects with the best business solutions and a product that has quality and efficiency that you can trust.

GIC Group is known for its credibility among its cliental and we develop scalable, flexible and affordable services for our clients across the globe.

To be a leader in Technical and Management Business Solution Provider, of choice for the Infrastructure Domain.

Offering stakeholders, owners and professionals, technical and managerial expertise which ensures that the desired strategic objectives are met in the development, creation and sustenance of an infrastructure project.